Government has pledged to support youth who are creative and innovative, and one sure way of solving the massively high unemployment rate in the country is supporting the youths to start up youth their own businesses.

Indeed, support in form of long term low interest rates and sometimes direct funding must be extended to the young people who engage in business in order to ensure sustainability.

There is also need for technical support in various forms like training in order to improve skills as this would help reduce the burden of our young generation having to rely on government and the private sector for provision of employment after completion of their education.

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It would also reduce on the number of the young people who are taken to foreign countries by certain agencies claiming to they are linking them for jobs only to end up in slavery and sexual exploitation.

Special attention ought to be directed to vocational skills like weaving, knitting, carpentry as this is one of the ways of getting the youth occupied and also acquire the skills knowledge and understanding required to transform their lives and contribute positively to the growth of the Ugandan society.

The government must also put in place mechanisms to ensure that market for the products that the youths produce is available and competitive prices negotiated. There is need to focus on the global and international market in order to increase sales, a precursor for massive production.

It is also important for the youths themselves to be financially disciplined in order to put the funding they receive to the proper use, rather than spending it on wasteful activities like drinking and gambling.

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