Dr Besigye

Former Forum for Democratic Change President Col Dr Kizza Besigye temporarily left the party delegates’ conference at Mandela National Stadium, Namboole, where elections for flag bearer are scheduled to be held today.

Earlier, confusion had ensued as party President Major General Mugisha Muntu and his predecessor and challenger for the presidency under the FDC Dr Besigye, each refused to address to the delegates first, ostensibly fearing to ‘arm’ their opponent with ‘artillery pieces’ to shoot them down.

This situation was also not helped by claims that the conference had been infiltrated by non-delegates, prompting organisers to order for re-registration.

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The FDC confusion today follows a live public debate on NTV between Maj Gen Muntu and Dr Besigye, where viewers assessed the oratory skills, character and temperament of the two contenders, something that could have led to today’s incredulous approach by the two men.

However, at about 3.15pm Besigye returned to the venue and by filing time the re-registration process was still underway.

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