If he was in the United States where having sex ‘against the order of nature’ and same sex marriages are not taboo, a former Sports Club Villa Manager would not be undergoing the tribulations he is currently facing in Uganda.
But Chris Mubiru is a Ugandan at home and the Buganda Road Chief Magistrate Ms Flavia Nabakooza is not in the US, so she has set September 18 as the date on which she will deliver Mubiru’s sentence, after he was found guilty of sodomising one Emmanuel Nnyanzi.
According to Ms Nabakooza, prosecution had proved its case beyond reasonable doubt, and the convict, who was today sent to Luzira, could face up to 18 years in prison.
In 2009 Mubiru was arrested and detained at Katwe Police Station, after a video clip showed he was sodomising young boys and girls. He was arraigned before the Buganda Road Court, denied the charges and was later granted bail.
But that bail was cancelled today and Mubiru was remanded to Luzira prison pending conviction.
Mubiru was, however, acquitted on a second count of sodomy on grounds that his other victim George Oundo, consented to the act.
Section 145 (a) of the Penal Code Act (PCA) proscribes any Ugandan from having sexual intercourse with another person, against the order of nature.
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