One of Africa’s biggest law firms, the Centurion Law Group, is opening an office in the Cameroonian city of Douala, ‘the wealthiest business hub in Central Africa’.

According to the Group, it has been drawn to Cameroon ‘by a resurgent oil and gas industry and a resilient economy’.

‘Extensive experience in oil and gas has underpinned the group’s emergence as one of Africa’s top ‘go-to’ law firms,’ the Group indicates adding that it has also had operations in large oil and gas markets like Equatorial Guinea, Congo, Chad, Ghana, Gabon, Nigeria and Angola.

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The Douala office will be staffed with eight lawyers from Cameroon with academic and professional credentials from North America, the UK, France, Nigeria and Cameroon.

“Centurion Law Group’s entry into Cameroon is representative of our firm’s Africa-wide growth strategy,” said NJ Ayuk, the CEO of Centurion Law Group, adding: “We have come to serve our oil and gas clients who are presently operating here or seek to enter the market. As in our other markets, we endeavor to create an enabling business environment and promote the rule of law.”

Cameroon, the largest economy in Central Africa enjoyed an increase in oil output in 2014, while the market is benefiting from a new gas law and a 2014 licensing round that attracted major interest from foreign players.

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