DJ Urban Star

Which schools did you attend?

 I went to Kibuli Demonstration School and Seeta Boarding Primary School. Thereafter, I joined Mukono Parents High School and Vienna College for O level, Mbogo Mixed Secondary School for A level and Kampala International University (2007-2009) for a course in Computer Science.
How old are you?
I am 28 years.
Are you married?
I am not married but I have an eight months old handsome son.
When did you join the deejay industry?
 I joined this industry in 2012 actively
DJ Urban Star
DJ Urban Star
Why did you join this industry yet there are other better careers out there?
All goes back to the scarcity of jobs whereby you either know someone or you are related to somebody in order to get a sensible job. So having a talent and love for deejaying; I decided to choose this path to make sure that I earn a living.
Why it is that deejay industry has left a bad legacy behind?
That was before us. Actually, I don’t know what used to happen, but we are in the future and we knowing the better of the industry, that’s why today we organize and host our own events and they are successful.
Who inspired you to join the industry?
Dj Pinye, Dj Jazzy Jeff, Dj Drama, Dj Shiru, Dj Rota and Selecta Jay(Guvnor)
Why do most deejays live a less respectful life full of drama?
About that, if you look at top deejays, they live a respectful life. The way they conduct themselves, they work smart just like any other industry, but we have a few who tarnish the deejay image.
How did you manage to organize an event that was the talk of town?
The Urbanstar Shockwave Party was organized for my fans to come and witness me live, doing what I do best. Also, to interact with me and they get to know the real DJ Urbanstar and at the same time it enabled me to release my different tapes both (audio and video), launch the Urbanstar Foundation and the Urbanstar TV. This event is going to be annual.
What makes deejays conflict with artistes all the time?
Artiste and deejay conflicts are no more. We had issues which our artistes worked upon and today we live as family. Because as I talk today I am friends with all artistes
What club put you on map?
Club Venom
What challenges have you encountered in this industry?
The major challenge has always been promoters failing to deliver their part of the deals, making payment.
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