Gen. Mugisha Muntu.


FDC Party President Gen. Mugisha Muntu.
FDC Party President Gen. Mugisha Muntu.

Following reports on social media that opposition party Forum for Democratic Change was weighing pulling out of the The Democratic Alliance, the National Executive Committee has resolved to stay in the coalition after a long meeting which took place at the party’s headquarters at Najanmkumbi.

While addressing journalist the Party President Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu said they discuss the road map for 2016 and also resolved to remain in TDA for political cooperation.

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“We are going to meet the TDA leadership tomorrow and we discuss the criteria for the selection of the success full candidate to carry the flag for the alliance,” he explained.

He also emphasized that the petitions they received from some members of their party calling for FDC’s withdrawal from the alliance was as a result of misinformation.

We received their petitions, presented them to members and we have provided them with the necessary information and they have withdrawn their petitions.

Muntu also dismissed claims of a crisis within the strongest opposition party saying, “These are just imaginations of people out there. We have leaders with experience who are able to solve every issue within the party.”

Asked what step FDC will take if their candidate lost, Muntu said they going one step after another and that they will cross the bridge when he gets there.

The youth league had earlier on in the morning petitioned the NEC expressing their dissatisfaction with TDA and called for withdrawal of FDC membership.

They cited the failure by TDA to respect its own rules when they extended time for nomination after he failed to meet the deadline. They also wondered why even when Amama Mbabazi was given another day he brought his papers with errors prompting the TDA team to wait for him nominating him close to midnight.

Another factor of contention is why TDA rejected Lord Mayor. Erias Lukwago and admitted Mbabazi yet they are both independents belonging to their respective political parties.

The youth also questioned why TDA had to travel to Eastern Uganda begging Mbabazi to sigh the TDA protocol.

According to source that I talked to on condition of anonymity they had a heated debate but agreed that being the strongest Opposition political party they ought to lead by example by spearheading unity as this would help them in their efforts to capture power.

“We agreed that we cooperate because we share the goal of causing regime change and the need to stay in TDA,” intimated the source.

Another source however, informed this reporter that the party officials resolved to work to improve the internal processes within the TDA.”

However the ordinary members are still not satisfied with the party’s association as they claim that the alliance is tactfully edging out the FDC candidate Dr. Kiiza Besigye.

The FDC flag bearer Dr. Kiiza Besigye who is not a member of NEC said he respects the decision of NEC and that he will together with the FDC leadership to harmonies positions at TDA.

According to the mood at the FDC headquarters at Najjanakumbi it seems even when they agreed to stay in TDA, there are issues to be put right between TDA and FDC. One of them is the issue of electoral reforms which TDA is quiet about.

This was manifested when FDC members started fighting and accusing each other of being manipulative especially Mr. Waswa Birigwa the party’s national chairman to front Mbabazi at TDA.

Waswa himself survived being beaten by the angry members who accused him of betraying the party.