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Semi Anthony is a Ugandan American film and TV actor, producer living in Hollywood California.

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He was the leader actor in the 2014 selling film “Death factory”. His career as an actor started at TVI studios in Sherman Oaks California and currently training with Ivana Chubbuck in Los Angeles, with theatre stage credits including the famous Shakespeare play, a mid summer nights dream, and shadows of Boot Hill.

In the interview below, Anthony shares his childhood, journey to United States, movie career, personal interests and future plans about Uganda

‘’I’m originally from Kampala, Uganda. I am the third child out of six brothers and one sister.

My hometown is Namasuba Para Zone; I went to Kabowa Katayi Primary School, Najja High and Kampala High School.

Growing up in a poverty stricken country, I lacked the resources around me to fulfill an acting career. I dreamed of living here in the United States and when an opportunity came to do so, I jumped on it without hesitation.

I sold all my belongings with no idea what I was about to get into and next thing you know; I had a plane ticket to New York. With only fifty dollars that a friend helped me out with in my pocket, I somehow managed to last fourteen days in one of the most expensive cities in the United States.

I really maximized my resources and found myself in Boston a short time later. I had made friends, who put a roof over my head and allowed me to earn money to make my way out to Los Angeles.

When I got here I immediately enrolled myself into acting classes, I began doing background work, which was a great way to make connections.

I began going on auditions where I started booking parts, including a role on Modern Family where my confidence was growing. The ball really began to roll when I met Stephen Durham, he and I put together a team of creative minded people. Together we would make our own feature films.

Our first feature ‘’The Butchers’’ has distribution both in the United States and the U.K. Recently wrapping a new thriller/suspense feature, releasing in 2015 and more projects in development, pre-production, production and post-production.

We shall continue to grow as a production company looking at a bright year ahead.

My biggest dream was to be a movie star and have a fully functional company which I already accomplished.

My five – ten year plan goal is to form the Semi Anthony Foundation to help Women with breast cancer and under privileged kids so that they get good education.’’

My personal interests are making movies, reading, outdoors, fitness modeling, boxing, travelling, fast cars and I fancy Indian food.


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