Ugandan artiste and self proclaimed music doctor Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone, has denied reports linking him to the Illuminati, a shady cult whose existence is hypothetical.

For over five years now Chameleone has been associated with the hitherto secret organization, which is reportedly behind his fame and riches.


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But this morning, the Wale Wale singer took to social media to refute the claims, calling them a ‘5 year nonsense.’

“I have been built from ambition and dream to be, I tell you my friends and whosoever wishes the best for themselves not to believe in such fabricated rubbish,” reads a post on his Facebook page.

According to Chameleone, he is a Christian who has toiled for his wealth. He also asserts that talk of the mysterious things like the Illuminati is used by the West to weaken African traditions.

Chameleone’s disavowal of the Illuminati comes in the wake of widespread talk that several Ugandan tycoons and celebrities like artistes Eddy Kenzo and Irene Ntale, belong to this cult. As a result the musicians have come under pressure from fans on social media and the mainstream media to clear the air about their association with the illuminati.

Meanwhile, this wave has not spared some organisations, with the NGOs Ambition Mission that advocates for an end of tobacco use among the youth also being accused of recruiting people into this secret organization.

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