Besigye pulled a mammoth crowd on Wednesday afternoon that paralyzed business in Kampala.


The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) flag bearer kicked off his campaigns at Nakivubo on Wednesday afternoon, after being nominated at Nambole Stadium earlier in the morning.

Speaking to thousand s of supporters who converged at Nakivubo stadium, Col (rtd) Dr Warren Kizza Besigye said he had joined the presidential race to ‘liberate Ugandans  from the dictatorship inflicted upon them by the NRM leadership’.

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“I cannot ask you to give me power because you are powerless but what I am asking is to work to together in order to liberate ourselves,” Dr Besigye told the frenzied crowd.

Earlier Dr Besigye had caused a stir in Kampala, when thousands of supporters chanting praise songs braved the 12 kilometre journey to escort him to and fro Mandela National Stadium, with the convoy to Nakivubo spending five hours on the road, from noon to 5.00pm

In his address, Besigye thanked the FDC leadership and other leaders from other political affiliations for the support they have rendered him.

Besigye pulled a mammoth crowd on Wednesday afternoon that paralyzed business in Kampala.
Besigye pulled a mammoth crowd on Wednesday afternoon that paralyzed business in Kampala.

He said his campaign is going to be a ‘three phase strategy of liberation of Ugandans from slavery and bondage’.

“First, we have the struggle of liberating our country; second is functionalizing the institutions and then finally we shall ensure universal development,” he stressed.

Besigye pledged to improve service delivery once elected president.

“We need to modernize agriculture, improve education to ensure employment for all and improve the health sector to ensure there is medicine in the health facilities and better payment for our medical personnel,” he said.

He also promised better pay for civil servants, called for agriculture loans to modernize agriculture and for development loans to enable job creation among the youth.


Dr Besigye was accompanied to Nakivubo by a number of FDC top guns including FDC part president Maj Gen (rtd) Mugisha Muntu, deputy president Reagan Okumu, National Chairman Waswa Birigwa, Leader of Opposition Wafula Ogutu, opposition chief whip Cecilia Ogwal and Secretary General Nandala Mafabi.

Others were FDC MPs Geoffrey Ekanya, Winnie Kizza, Elijah Okupa, Paul Mwiru, Nabilah Nagayi Sempala, Wamayi Wamanga, Lucy Akello, Moses Kasibante, Roland Mugume Kaginda, William Nzoghu, Gilbert Olanya and Patrick Amuriat among others.

The FDC flag bearer’s campaign was also attended by political leaders from other dispensations including Conservative Party’s John Ken Lukyamuzi, General David Sejusa and the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

Addressing the crowd Lukwago said he accompanied Besigye to the nomination because of the consistency with which he has fought for the right of Ugandans under extreme oppression.

“I thank you for turning up in large numbers and I believe if you had done this to me as well I should  have been at City Hall doing the work you sent me to do,” he added.


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