Besigye campaigns in Rakai
Besigye campaigns in Rakai
Besigye campaigns in Rakai


Thank you so much to the people of Rakai district for today’s warm reception. We have traversed the deep and rural parts of the district from Kacheera, Lwamaggwa, Lwentulege, Kibale , Kasensero landing site, Mutukula border and finally Kyotera. I am extremely marveled at your dedication and tenacity in joining us to liberate our country.

Historically, Kyotera in Rakai has always been at the forefront of this liberation struggle. It’s here where I was handed the first hammer in the early days of this struggle. And today I have been greeted by very enthusiastic crowds along the roads, town centres, stop-overs and at the rallies we have held in your area today. I welcome the new members who crossed from the NRM and joined the FDC during the rallies.

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In the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), our main goal remains, the liberation of Ugandans and bringing back power to the real owners; the people. After capturing power, we shall embark on the process of restructuring the state institutions and fostering a broad based all-inclusive transformation.

Thank you so much for the contributions to this struggle, material and otherwise that you continue to extend to this campaign. This will enable us to take the message to other parts of the country, which like Rakai, desperately need to be given hope. The task of freeing Uganda from bondage is ours. As Ugandans, the removal of this repressive regime is our shared responsibility.

Finally, I and the whole FDC fraternity are extremely saddened by the deaths of innocent people in Paris, France last night at the hands of terrorists. We also commiserate with victims of terrorism elsewhere in Lebanon and Iraq. Our hearts go out to all those who lost loved ones and the injured. This serves as a reminder that the war on terror is a task for all peace loving people world over. I therefore urge all Ugandans to continue to pray for peace world over.

We condemn in the highest terms, the act of horror carried on innocent people by terrorists. Trust us to be your future allies in combating terror anywhere.


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