NRM candidate YK Museveni campaigning in Rhino park Arua.
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NRM candidate YK Museveni campaigning in Rhino park Arua.
NRM Presidentila Candidate YK Museveni campaigning in Rhino park Arua.


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President Yoweri Museveni who is also the presidential candidate for the National Resistance Movement has scoffed at opposition politicians for telling lies about national development programs.

He said the NRM found a collapsed economy, revamped it and developed the country by prioritizing the major sectors of national development including roads, electricity, education and health among others, the opposition continue to criticize NRM pointing to the undone projects yet all development programs can’t be done at the same time.

Museveni who is currently in the West Nile region to converse for support for the his party was speaking at a rally he addressed at Ajogolo primary school in Rhino Camp sub-county Lower Madi county Arua district.

He urged Movement mobilisers and supporters to counter the opposition lies by explaining to the electorate the size of the national budget, what has been done and the need to prioritize while handling national programs.

“The opposition politicians are liars, they point at the undone and say that all development programs should be done at the same time yet they know that it’s impossible. They oppose God because even God the Almighty took six days to create the world. By prioritizing some sectors the Movement has managed to do a lot and the undone will be done,” he said.

On education, Museveni said there is need for a national dialogue on the implementation of Universal Primary and Secondary education. He said that whereas his view is that the children of the poor should receive free education, some school teachers continue to levy fees in UPE and USE schools.

“What I want is free education for all children of the poor. If the money being allocated is not enough we can increase it but have real free education for our children. If you are rich you can take your child to the schools of the rich” he said.

He pledged to extend electricity to Rhino Camp sub-county and appealed to the population to make good use of the different government programs such as the National Agricultural Advisory Services, the youth livelihood program, the micro-credit support, the newly introduced women fund and work to get themselves out of poverty.

He particularly urged them to engage in commercial agriculture that is profit oriented as opposed to subsistence agriculture if they are to raise their incomes and get rid of poverty.


FDC Presidential Candidate, Kizza Besigye  starts on his campaigns in Busoga region. He is seen here disembarking  on
FDC Presidential Candidate, Kizza Besigye starts on his campaigns in Busoga region. He is seen here disembarking on ferry. Photo credit. NTV-Uganda


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Besigye                          Busoga

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