Dr Kiyonga

His Excellency President Yoweri K. Museveni, Mediator of the Burundi crisis has re-launched the process of EAC mediated dialogue on Burundi crisis today  Monday 28 December 2015.

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The ceremony  is in continuation of consultations undertaken in July 2015 in Bujumbura by His Excellency Yoweri Museveni and followed up, as per his instructions, by Dr. Chrispus Kiyonga, Minister of Defence, with political authorities as well as the entire Burundi political actors.

For this occasion, the Government of Burundi will is represented by a delegation led by His Excellency Alain-Aimé Nyamitwe, Minister of External Relations and International Cooperation. The main opposition leaders, religious leaders, civil society organizations, women associations as well as former Heads of State will participate in this meeting.

The Chairperson of the EAC is represented by Dr. Augustine Mahiga, Minister of Foreign Affairs, EAC, Regional and International Cooperation of the United Republic of Tanzania.

The Meeting will also be attended by Special Envoys as follows:
Prof. Ibrahima Fall (AU Special Representative for the Chair of the Commission), Mr. Koen Vervaeke (EU Special Envoy), Mr. Thomas Perrielo (US Special Envoy for the Great Lakes Region), Mr. Jamal Benomor (Special Adviser to the UN Secretary General on Burundi) and Prof. Ntumba Luaba, the ICGLR Executive Secretary.
The following Ambassadors and High Commissioners will also be in attendance:
EAC Member States: H.E Jean Bosco Barege (High Commissioner of the Republic of Burundi), H.E. Rtd Maj. Gen. Geoffrey L. Okanga (High Commission of the Republic of Kenya), H.E. Maj. Gen. Frank Mugambage (High Commission of the Republic of Rwanda) and H.E. Dr. Ladislaus Columban Komba (High Commissioner of the United Republic of Tanzania).
AU Peace and Security Council members: H.E. Farid Boulahbel (Embassy of the Democratic People’s Republic of Algeria), H.E. Degefe Bula Wakijera (Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Ethiopia), Mr. Fawzi B.M. Bouketf (Chargé d’ Affaires – Embassy of Libya), Mr. Alus W. Twoden (Chargé d’ Affaires – High Commissioner of the Republic of Nigeria), and H.E. Prof. Lekoa Solomon Mollo (High Commission of the Republic of South Africa).

UN Security Council members: H.E. Zhao Yali (Embassy of the People’s Republic China), H.E Sophie Moal – Makame (Embassy of France), H.E. Sergey Shishkin (Embassy of the Russian Federation), H.E Alison Blackburne (High Commissioner, United Kingdom), and Ms. Patricia Mahoney (Chargé d’ Affaires – Embassy of the United States of America).

European Union Ambassadors: H.E. Hugo Verbist (Royal Belgian Embassy), H.E Dr. Peter Christ Of Blomeyer (Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany), H.E Domenico Fornara (Embassy of Italy), H.E Susan Eckey (Embassy of Norway), H.E Mogens Pedersen (Royal Danish Embassy), H.E Anders Urban Anderson (Embassy of Sweden), H.E Alphons J.A.J.M.G Hennekens (Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands), H.E Sophie Moal – Makame (Embassy of France), and H.E Donal Cronin (Embassy of Ireland)

The Government of Uganda will be represented by H.E. Edward K. Ssekandi (Vice President), Rt. Hon. Ruhakana Rugunda (Prime Minister), Rt. Hon. Kirunda Kivejinja (3rd Deputy Prime Minister/ Minister of East African Affairs) and several Ministers and Ambassadors.
Appreciation is expressed by the Mediation for the great support from African Union Peace and Security Council, United Nations Security Council, European Union and bilateral, regional and multilateral partners in regard to this process.
Minister of Defence of the Republic of Uganda/
Facilitator of the Burundi Dialogue acting on behalf of President Museveni


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