Dear Readers and Advertisers

The EagleOnline is pleased to usher you into the New Year with the provision of a wide range of improved services, beginning with our new-look Website, whose re-design has been carried out over the past few months.

As a fast-rising news outlet that seeks to disseminate accurate information on a timely basis, it is appropriate that we move with the latest trends in the media industry, currently hinged more on the digital pedestal.

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In that respect, it is important that we seek to attract, maintain and impress our readers with both quantitative and qualitative work, capable of tantalizing their information, advertising and entertainment instincts.

So, in the newly redesigned Website there are new Sub Topics including Arts, Money and Magazine, all of which will carry deeply enriching articles.

Also, given our steadily rising number of readers, as exemplified by our current global ranking, we have also introduced separate news subdivisions for regional and international news, in a bid to keep our readers from all corners of the world hooked onto the EagleOnline, which is Uganda’s fastest growing digital news forum.

Finally, the Management of the EagleOnline wishes to thank all those who have, and continue to travel with us in our first year of operation. Your amazing cooperation has inspired us to seek to become better every passing day.

Thank You All!

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