Q: Readers of Eagle Online would like to know who is Hildah Lindah?

A: I am a phenomenal woman that believes in hard work. A former model, ex Urban TV presenter and currently into a swimsuit business.

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Q:Can you take us through your early childhood life?

A: I was born on May 5 1991 to Mr and Mrs Richard and Christine Nsereko . We are seven in my family; five girls and two boys. Same dad and mum; that is the beauty of it all…

Q: Take me though your education?

A: As a toddler, I went to Auntie Claire’s kindergarten in Mengo. It was like the Greenhill Academy kind of school then. It was a kindergarten of both whites and blacks with so many kids. Anyone who stays or has ever lived in Mengo knows what I am talking about. The school still exists though so many things changed now. For primary I went to Buddo Junior School from P1 to P5. It was one of the best primary schools then among others but boarding life was harsh and hard for me so my parents decided to put in a day school closer home which was SIR Apollo Kaggwa Primary School- Mengo..
It was and still is one of the best primary schools up to date. For Secondary, I went to Mengo SS for my O level and Buloba High School for my A Level. Currently, I am pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Procurement and Supply Chain Management at Makerere University Business School.

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 Q: What exactly do you do a living?

A: I am an entrepreneur; I run a swimsuit business

Q: Why did you quit TV?

A: Well, to be honest, TV is really tricky. The first two episodes of the show were my hardest, but that is when I enjoyed it the most. I had never done TV before I went in for it, did what I did and I am forever grateful for the opportunity but it just wasn’t my thing to be honest. I was mentally over it as i had another option of focusing on my swimsuit business and earn fast money cause it is what I genuinely loved and wanted to do, I could not multi-task TV and my modeling.

Q: You are a very beautiful girl how do you maintain your beauty and figure?

Thanks for that positive attribute. Well, I don’t do none, its my natural look and physique; I was born that way.

 Q: Why did you join the swimsuit business?

A: Well, I wanted to do something others were not doing. Especially for the young girls, no one had tapped into the swimsuit business yet, so I decided to do it first. Plus, I always loved the pool and the water so it made sense for me to start up a swimsuit business in Kampala. I started to promote it exclusively on social media to people who were following me, and it took off from there

 Q: When exactly did you start swimsuit?

A: Uhm, I started the swimsuit business around January 2015…. Just a while ago…. you know!

 Q: Apart from swim suit what else do you do?

A: Apart from the swimsuit business, I do nothing but take beautiful eye catching selfies. I m a photo lover and I like capturing moments…

 Q: How is the swim suit business in Uganda? Are people embracing it?

A: Uhm the swimsuit business is steadily growing each and every day. Back then, a girl posing in a swimsuit used to be a big of a deal but lately it is kind of a lifestyle. That is being adopted in Kampala and no body and by nobody I mean (70%) wants to be left out or lag behind on the swimsuits trend.  And my Facebook page called ‘Need a Swimsuit?’  is my evidence for this question I am answering right now. All my customer highlights are there. So yeah, people are embracing it.


 Q: You have been on and off in the modeling career why?

A: Well, modeling was something I grew up having a passion for. I don’t even know why or how cause I was always the Shy Girl and  it is funny how I never really had a model in the industry then I looked up to. I think it was innate passion and desire. I modeled around 2011-2013 and I lost the passion not because I wanted to give up easily but because of the few reasons like exploitation where after gigs we were paid little or nothing at all. And most shows were during night time…slowly, I lost it all just like that. It suddenly all died

 Q: You appear so much in bikinis, being Africans is your family and community free with it?

A: First things first. It is a marketing tactic. And yes, my family knows that it’s what I am doing for a living and they support me 100% so I am safe to say they are okay with it all


Q: Have you ever had a crush over a man and if yes who?

A: I guess each one of us has ever had a crush on someone and mine happens to be J Cole .

Q: What is it that you can’t miss in your bag?

A: I can’t move without a pair of shades and headsets

Q: Lindah you are a very beautiful girl, do you do you get calls from men asking you out?

Answer: I am a beautiful girl?! Oh thanks! Well, of course I do get calls from random anonymous guys all the time.

 Question: How do you manage to resist them?

Answer: Well at the end of the day, I know who I want and… just like that…everything works out itself

Q: What is it that you think some people don’t like about you?

A: Well, people don’t like my principles. When I say ‘no’ to something its 98% always a NO and vice versa. So I always come off as a mean person.So I would say people don’t like it that I am principled and I am outspoken hence keeping it real and 1000 ( a thousand) like the romans.

Q: Who is your role model?

A: I have two role models. And these fashionable beautiful women areDraya Howard Michelle who has a swimwear line called “Mint Swimwear”. I see her as a very hardworking woman; from being a stripper and being abandoned by her boyfriend at 16 years of age when she was pregnant, she worked so hard to be where she is right now because to make it in the city, you need to know where you are coming from to where you are going to. So I see her as a rose that grew from concrete. So yeah, she is my perfect person.

Q: Who are you your closest friends both male and female?

 Answer: Closest friends My Mum and sisters; male is my brother

 Q: Which music do you listen to?

A: Straight up hip hop all day, every day.

Q: Who is your favorite artiste both locally and internationally?

A: Locally it is Irene Ntale. Internationally you already know its J Cole all day every day. His music is relatable to this day-to-day life we living and that is how I get my motivational boost that keeps me going.

Q: How do you spend your free time?

A:  I hit it the pool. Swimming is my thing. I also listen to music because music is like air to me. That explains why headsets are a must-have in my handbag

 Q: What have been the achievements in your career starting with modeling, TV and swimsuit?

A: Well, I decided that I want to be my own boss. I wanted to make my own rules, my own hours, my own money and that is just the path I chose; at least I don’t have to storm people’s offices looking for jobs as I am focused on mine. Plus, I got a lot of exposure through modeling, TV to the swimsuit business I am doing now and I have been able to work with celebrities and some public figures. I have also been able to expand my marketing skills, customer base on a daily basis since I come up with something new once in a while on how to keep my business booming

Q: What challenges have you encountered and how have you tried to overcome them?

A: One main challenge I can’t really help or control is weather. On rainy cold days, the business is really slow and the only way I try overcoming it is by putting that month’s stock on “Half Price Sale”

Q: Where do you see the swimsuit business in Uganda in the near future?

I don’t know where the business is going at large but I do know where my swimsuit business personally is going and that is a swim wear line…

 Q: What are your future prospects?

Coming up with an upscale swim wear brand, pioneered by business magnate ‘Hildah Lindah’ as I would love to come up with names for each swimsuit stemmed from a personal experience of specific person as the names will be inspired by my friends and family. Just a thought if it makes me excited.


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