WANTS EXPANDED POWERS: Embattled South Africa president Jacob Zuma

An ANC supporter was tackled by party security as he managed to jump over the stands and run towards the stage where President Jacob Zuma was delivering the January 8th statement today.

As security started frog-marching the young man off the field, the crowd started shouting and booing when they saw the guards hitting him.

Photographers and camera men ran to get visuals of the incident which led to a scuffle.

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An ANC security guard kicked a photographer and tried to punch him.

The crowd started shouting and some threw water bottles.

Another ANC supporter in a red jumpsuit also managed to get himself onto the field and started running. He too was tackled to the ground.

This all happened in the middle of Zuma’s address at the Royal Bafokeng stadium in the North West.

The two men were taken off the field and the ANC president continued to deliver his address.

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