Ambassador Wasswa Birigwa
The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has said that it will not allow to be intimidated by police and the army.
While addressing the press today at the party headquarters in Kampala, the FDC Chairman National Ambassador Wasswa Birigwa alleged that the police attacks the opposition.
“We despise the methods of intimidation, violence that NRM with the help of the army and police are meting out to our supporters, we shall not look on with folded arms,” Birigwa threatened, before saying that police has on several occasions done nothing to those incriminated in electoral crimes.
Birigwa also claimed that the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) were involved in partisan politics, and that some soldiers harass those who support the opposition.
He named a one Senate Karoota Kakwebe, a coordinator of FDC in Nyakashashara, Kiruhura district as one of the recent victims of UPDF indulgence in politics.
Kakwebe alleges that on January 6 Major Alice Kukundakwe vandalized the FDC offices in Kiruhura, took away FDC files and plucked off FDC presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye’s posters.
“We reported this case to police (Kaguta Road) for criminal trespass and threatening violence but instead the guns were turned on Kakwebe,” said Birigwa.
He further attacked President Yoweri Museveni for his comments that he will not leave oil money to other people and referred to the comments as ‘intimidating and aimed at causing despondency among the population’.
“Police are quick to condemn Dr Besigye’s defiant campaign but when Museveni makes remarks that could be criminal in nature, they look the other way,” Birigwa charged.
Meanwhile, in a brief interview with Mr Kakwebe at the FDC headquarters early today, he claimed that he was first approached by a one Major Charity, who tried to woe him to the NRM but he refused.
He said that after the failed talks, a meeting was held on December 1 at Nyakashashara Church of Uganda by NRM sympathizers, who discussed about how to deal with FDC supporters in the area.
“This is why most of the residents are supporting quietly, they fear the repercussions,” Kakwebe said, adding that he was forced to seek refuge in Kampala after his neighbors informed him that they had seen three people in army uniform around his house, two of them armed.  
Kakwebe further alleges that on January 6, Major Alice Kukundakwe came to his home which doubles as the FDC office and  took party files and plucked Dr. Kizza Besigye’s posters. “I reported to Kaguta Road police station but nothing was done.” 
 “I’m scared, I can not go back,” he said but was quick to add that such intimidation won’t stop him from supporting the FDC.
But contacted on phone army spokesman Lt Col Paddy Ankunda denoiied the allegations, saying they were baseless.
It not true; we have no business in kidnapping anyone. Those are lame excuses,” Ankunda said.