President Museveni who is also NRM party flag bearer receives gifts from supporters during campaigns.

National Resistance Movement candidate Yoweri Museveni has disclosed that party supporters have contributed 332 head of cattle, both local and exotic, and Shs38.5 million in campaign donations.

In a lengthy document titled ‘The joy of campaigning for the NRM 2015-2016’ issued on January 17, Mr Museveni detailed the various donations made by supporters at rallies he addressed in 196 campaign areas since his nomination on November 4 last year.

According to the NRM candidate, his supporters in Ibanda gave him 30 Friesian cows; those in Kazo 127 long horn cattle; those in Nyabushozi 120 long horn cattle); 50 Friesians in Kashongyi and 5 Freisians in Kitagwenda.

Other donors included a one Mrs. Muhindo in Kisinga; Ms. Sylvia Rwabwogo, the woman flag bearer of Kabarole and party supporters in Rubabo, Rukungiri district, who gave a cow each. According to Mr Museveni, the party supporters had also contributed goats, sheep, pigs and chicken, which he directed the NRM Secretariat to take the livestock to Ngoma Farm, ‘as we arrange for their long–term management and multiplication’.

Candidate Museveni also declared that the campaign kitty had received a monetary boost of Shs 25 million from the traders of Ntungamo; Shs 12m from the NRM Chairman of Nakapiripirit and Shs1.5 million from a yet to be identified youth from Bugabula South.

He however, decried poor funding by party supporters, noting that the rich exhibit a lackluster attitude toward funding party activities, including the construction of the party headquarters.

‘The only inconvenience has been the funding. Ugandans that are wealthy or not so badly off do not bother with funding the NRM,’ Mr Museveni wrote, adding: ‘I have told you before that I hear that there are six million account holders in Banks. If each one contributed, one time, shs.50, 000, we would collect shs.300bn, enough to fund comfortably this campaign and start on building the NRM House as well as paying for Kyadondo Plot 10.

According to Mr Museveni, even if only 5 million NRM sympathizers contributed Shs50, 000 each, the party would be Shs.250bn richer.

Obukorwa tibwiita bukombeera (The mongoose though tiny will kill a big animal by combining effort).  Small contributions from a large number of people will bring in more money than a few big contributors,’ he wrote.

He however, expressed gratitude to the big contributors, who he said, had ‘solely carried the burden’, before directing party officials to trace and acknowledge the contribution of the Bugabula youthful contributor.

He also said that with the limited funds, the party had only managed to pay for NRM flag bearers nomination fees.

‘With more funding, things would have been smoother. We would have organizationally consolidated the mass enthusiasm for the NRM to create more cohesion. It will still be done although it has taken longer’, Mr Museveni wrote.