Hon Bernard Mulengani stresses a point to an attentive House

The East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) yesterday debated and approved the EAC Annual Report 2013/14, with members calling upon the Council of Ministers to ensure enhanced supervision and quality control of all the Community’s documents.

The debate was preceded by tabling and debate of the Report of the Committee on General Purpose on the EAC Annual Report for 2013/2014, which followed the consideration of the Annual Report for the year 2013/14.

‘The Committee Report presented by the Chairperson of the Committee on General Purpose, Hon Dr Odette Nyiramilimo urges the Council of Ministers to make follow up on actions with intention to amend, retract or correct identified parts of the Annual Report that may be erroneous’, an EALA release states in part.

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The Committee on General Purpose further called for additional details to be included on the status of major Community Projects such as those under Infrastructure Sector, including  updates on status, causes for delay and other challenges realized under the Road network, Railway sector and the EAC Master Plan.


The Committee also observed that the EAC Annual Report 2013/14 contains no section on challenges either than what is mentioned by the Deputy Secretary General of the EAC in his submission to the Committee.


“As it has been noted in previous reports tabled before the House, there is apparent hesitation to clearly point out challenges in the EAC Annual Report,” Hon Odette Nyiramilimo noted. Each year, the Chairperson of the Council of Ministers submits an Annual Report on the activities and achievements of the Community to key stakeholders in line with Article 49(2) (c) of the Treaty.


The Annual Report illustrates the accomplishments of the various Organs and Institutions of the Community within their respective mandates and missions.   The 2013/4 Report captures the progress made in implementation of various activities including the Protocol on establishment of the East African Monetary Union, operationalization of the single Customs Territory, Infrastructure development, productive and social sectors and the progress on the internationalization of the new generation EAC e-Passport.


At debate, Members called on the Council of Ministers to cause for take up more shares in East African Development Bank (EADB).


Hon Shyrose Bhanji supported the move for Partner States to take more shares in the EADB.


“It is in shocking to hear that our partner States have minority shareholding the Bank.  We are supposed to take advantage of the bank.  What is the problem?  We cannot be seen to transform agriculture which is our backbone through donor funding,” she added.


Hon Dora Byamukama supported the adoption of the Annual Report but said it was necessary for the Assembly to debate on documents that are current. Others who supported the report were Hon Christophe Bazivamo, Hon Nancy Abisai, Hon Bernard Mulengani, Hon Straton Ndikuryayo and Hon Valerie Nyirahabineza.


The Chairperson of the Council of Ministers, Hon Dr Susan Kolimba affirmed that the Council would make every effort to enhance the quality of its Annual Reports.

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