Interpol officials inspect one of the stolen cars at the URA offices in Kampala

Twenty four posh sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and sedans stolen from the United Kingdom and smuggled into Uganda have today been handed over to the British High Commissioner to Uganda Ms Alison Blackburn.

The cars, most fitted with sophisticated tracking applications, were recovered from various places in and around Kampala. However, the smugglers appear to be ‘faceless’ and no mention has been made of their arrest.

At a function held at the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) headquarters in Kampala, the cars were handed over for onward return to their owners in the UK.

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In September last year British detectives tracing a Toyota Lexus established that there were 29 cars including Range Rovers, Audis, Toyotas and  BMWs worth about 1 million Pound Sterling, reported stolen from the UK and brought into Uganda.

As a result, the international police and Uganda police launched an operation early last year to track the cars, most of whose details had been altered by the hitherto unidentified car smugglers.

By press time it was not possible to establish the exact scope of investigations, including the arrest and prosecution of the racketeers.

But an Interpol official said investigations are ongoing and that the culprits would be arrested and brought to book.

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