George Okot Odek, , The late Okot Odhiambo, Joseph Kony (Left to Right)
WARLORD JOSEPH KONY: His two sons Salim Saleh Kony and Ali Kony have been slapped with sanctions by the US.


KAMPALA:  Top Lord’s Resistance Army rebel commander and former bodyguard to the warlord Joseph Kony has surrendered to the Ugandan troops in Central African Republic.

George Okot Odek defected in the town of Pambayamba and is currently with American and Ugandan troops in the eastern town of Obbo.

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A statement issued yesterday by the Invisible Children, an Non-Government Organisation that tracks LRA activities in the region says Odek came out of the LRA on Saturday, February 6, 2016 and was handed over to “security forces in the region” over the weekend.

“While a commander representing a rebel group associated with the former Seleka coalition, claimed that his soldiers “captured” Odek – who he referred to as “Sam”, this claim has not been verified and other reports suggest that Odek surrendered peacefully,” the statement reads

There are reports that Odeke could have surrendered Odek might have been motivated to surrender because he was fearful that Kony had given orders for him to be killed, an all too common punishment for commanders who have fallen out of favor with Kony.

Kony is said to be hiding the disputed enclave of Kafia King where he gives orders of command to his fighters in small groups scattered across CAR.

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