Museveni casting his vote

President Yoweri Museveni has cast his vote at Kaaro High School at Rushere and after words addressed the press on what he intends to do for in case he wins elections.

Museveni says he is grateful that for the first time, the country is peaceful and he expects to win with a landslide victory. “The whole country is peaceful and I don’t think they will vote for the opposition, they have been telling lies” Museveni said.

Asked why government had switched off social media and internet, President Museveni said that it was temporary security measure because in the past, people have misused them.

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“Those must be steps taken for security but it is temporary it will go away because in the past, people have misused the internet. There will be no violence, they tried to bring violence by Nambooze but we have handled them”

Asked on whether he can work with opposition, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) contender said “No” before he said “If there other contenders are disciplined why not if they are for development”

Mr Museveni also acknowledged that  that political parties and any other citizens can have tally centres but warned that nobody, except the Independent Electoral Commission will announce the results.

Meanwhile in Ntungoma municipality, two rival camps of Independent Gerald Karuhanga  and NRM’s Yona Musinguzi have attacked each other and scores of Mr Karuhanga had been attacked.

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party President who hails from Ntungamo is actually calling for the halting of the voting saying the process has been mismanaged by police and other security forces in favour of Mr Musinguzi.

I couldn’t imagine that a private civilian can command forces to arrest of people. They have arrested and kept at the residence of Yona’s  father place.  Four of Karuhanga’s agents have been detained and we call upon EC to shut these elections. An election observer accredited by EC also reported that he had been beaten together with a journalist