Uganda Foreign Minister Sam Kahamba Kutesa

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a statement refuting Facebook and Whatsapp messages attributed to Minister Sam Kahamba Kutesa, damaging to the government and the person of the President.

In the February 24 release, the two social media platforms indicated that Kutesa’s right to communicate using public media outlets had been curtailed, and that he also reportedly urged the international community not to recognize President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (as President-elect).

‘The Ministry wishes to inform the general public and members of the international community that Hon Sam K Kutesa is neither the source nor the author of these messages and the Facebook account purportedly in his name is a poor attempt at impersonation,’ the release indicates.

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The release adds: ‘These messages are malicious and intended to cause alarm and discredit the person of the Hon Minister, the President and the recently-concluded elections in Uganda’.

The Ministry urged Ugandans to disregard the messages. ‘The Ministry calls on the general public and the international community to treat theses falsehoods with the contempt they deserve,’ the release concludes.