BRITISH national David Greenhalgh was arrested and held in a prison cell in Kampala accused of fraud, it has emerged.

The estranged fiancé of Shanita Namuyimba alias Bad Black was reportedly picked by police on Wednesday night and detained at Central Police Station over an alleged Shs335m bounced cheque and his passport seized.

“The case was registered at CPS Kampala. But Greenhalgh says the man stole a leaflet from his cheque book. The accuser wrote US$100,000 on the cheque before forging his signature. He claims the accuser later on deposited the cheque in his bank,” Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesman, Mr Patrick Onyango revealed.

Writing cheques that later bounce is considered serious fraud here in Uganda.

Greenhalgh graced Ugandan media space after his lover Bad Black is currently serving a 4-year prison sentence for embezzling funds from their company Daveshan Development Company. She steps out of prison in style on March 14 after completing her sentence.