DR.Tanga Odoi, who president Museveni is reported to have described as 'professor of useless studies'

President Yoweri Museveni has described head of his party’s electoral commission as a professor of useless studies.

While addressing independent Members of Parliament but who are National Resistance Movement leaning at the National Leadership Institute Kyakwanzi, Mr Museveni on Thursday evening, Mr Museveni is reported to have said the mess in the NRM party primaries were as result of the disorganization by professor of useless studies.

“It is good you love NRM and I want you to have that spirit of nationalism, otherwise what you people have termed as party chaos is because of the incompetence by  Dr Tanga Odoi who is a professor of useless studies” a source that attended the meeting told EagleOnline. According to the source, Museveni said this in Odoi’s presence.

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NRM party new legislatures have been at Kyakwanzi for a one week party retreat for cadre courses and reorientation into what the party wants achieve in the next five years.

Dr Odoi is accused by many NRM party supporters for the irregularities that occurred during primaries. He is also reportedly not working well with the Secretary General, Kasule Lumumba.


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