The virgins "freaked out" when presented with the playboy prince

PRINCE Harry began his official visit to Nepal in unusual style yesterday (Sunday) – with a Royal rendezvous with five virgins who “freaked out” with excitement when they met the flirty prince.

Virgins represent purity and innocence in Nepalese culture, while the number of women present was also significant, as five is seen as being very lucky.

Prince Harry, who was infamously photographed playing strip billiards in a Las Vegas hotel in 2012, accepted their symbolic gifts with a wide smile, before sharing a laugh with other representatives at the ceremony.

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On Monday went on safari in Nepal hoping to see some big cats – and ended up pretending to be a tiger.

Harry has a passion for animal conservation and visited Bardia National Park to lean about its wildlife programmes which have seen the attraction’s tiger population flourish.

When he reached the site of two camera traps placed next to tiger droppings to capture their nocturnal movements, he was disappointed when they proved to be empty.

The Prince was shown a picture of a tiger walking past the spot where he was standing by a forest road and he said: “That, was here? Amazing.”

He added: “Show me that tiger again please, that was amazing, it’s beautiful. Fat, healthy, really healthy. They won’t struggle with food, as long as they’re fit and well.”

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