DP President Norbert Mao

The Democratic Party President Norbert Mao will reach out to all its members who contested as Independents, in a bid rejuvenate party unity.

‘The Office of the President of the Democratic Party is also finalising the appropriate process of reaching out to all those who contested as Independents in the recently concluded General Elections. This will be an exertion for the Party’s unity process which is a reality and a supreme move at the time,’ the party said in a statement.

According to the DP, the developments will be part of the National Executive Committee (NEC) and National Council (NC) meetings held after Easter to assess the state of the Party and the way forward.

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‘This will allow the leadership to reassess and develop a broader perspective of the party by laying grounds for thorough critical analysis. The party shall emerge with an action plan for addressing the key challenges internally and confronting the current political situation in the country. The country will be updated about the developments as they unfold. But to a greater extent, it will also be a strategy to agree on policy positions especially at Party level and in Parliament at large’, the release adds.


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