Mowzey radio with his new look clean-shaven head

Social media was recently awash with Ugandan music maestro Mowzey Radio’s new look. Donning a white Tee-shirt, shades and an unkempt goatee, Radio, real names Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo, snapped a selfie to show off his new clean-shaven look.

Mowzey radio before becoming a 'real father'
Dreadlocked Mowzey radio before becoming a ‘real father’

Apparently, the ‘Juice Juice’ singer removed the dreads to get a ‘gentleman’s look’, after realizing he needs to become a father figure to his children. It is not clear if his baby mama Lillian Mbabazi also influenced him, but a friend quipped that: “Radio has been shunned by fans for his Tubonga Naawe gig; he cut off his hair to make headlines and rebrand.”

Indeed, there are claims that Mowzey and his singing partner Weasel were stoned in Iganga and that some parts of his car were vandalized, following the release of the Tubonga Naawe song, sang in praise of Uganda President Yoweri Museveni. However, the two seem undeterred and are set to stage the ‘Omwana Wabandi’ concert in May this year.

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Meanwhile, another friend who saw the now clean-shaven singer said the dreadlocks seemed to suck most of the blood and fat out of him and that no sooner had he removed the dreads than some weight set in for him.