IGP-Gen. Kayihura

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Gen.Kale Kayihura has refuted claims that his force is keeping former Forum for Democratic change presidential candidate Dr.Kizza Besigye Under house arrest.

Addressing journalists at police headquarters in Naguru, the IGP said police is just keeping a close eye on Besigye to prevent him from causing any form of chaos.

“Besigye is not under house arrest, all we are doing is closely monitoring his movement.” Kayihura said.

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Gen.Kayihura also added that Besigye is the sole cause of his current situation because he carried out a defiant campaign and made inciting statements when he called out to the youth to “take back their country” and that he will remain under police watch until he either drops the notion of defiance or until police sees no further threat he may possess.

Repeated efforts to reach FDC spokesperson Mr.Semujju Ibrahim for a comment were futile as his known phone number was off.

Dr.Besigye has been locked down at his home with police visible outside, On many attempts of leaving home, he has on several occasions been arrested and detained at various police stations and taken back home later in the day .

His visitors have been regulated with police officers at the gate taking each visitor through tough screening before making endless calls to possibly a superior to get orders on whether to let in a certain visitor or not.

FDC Party president Mugisha Muntu, Besigye lawyer David Mpanga and Human rights activists from Human rights watch have been victims to this,relatives,supporters and journalists are not spared as many have been arrested ,driven to Kasangati and detained for a few hours only to be released later with no charges put up against them.

On this, the IGP said that police in its mandate to see peace prevail in the country has to be careful with who visits Besigye.

“We have to be vigilant on who visits him, but we have allowed many people to see him of recent.” said the IGP.





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