Over the past two months there have been sporadic attacks on different security installations, notably on police posts and against security personnel in the areas of Rwenzori and Sipi region.

In the Rwenzori region raids in Kasese and Bundibugyo the attackers have displayed a high level of intransigence, at times taking on armed personnel with sticks and stones.

Consequently, differing versions have been given by the authorities about the Rwenzori attackers, with some even pointing to rebellion in the direction of the Bukonzo King Charles Wesley Mumbere and some of his subjects including Mbusa Nyamwisi, a prominent former minister in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), reportedly hell bent on the creation of the ‘sovereign’ state of ‘Nyiira’. Then there is another version ostensibly of tribal clashes involving the Bakonzo, Bamba and the Babwisi. Also, attackers have twice now raided police establishments in Kapchorwa and Kween districts in the Sipi region, but not much has come by the way of intelligence information as to who these people are and their motives.

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It is important to note that this country has got layers of trained security and intelligence personnel reaching right down to the parish level. But even at the lowest level there is the LC 1 Chairman and the committee members, who act as the eyes and ears for the government at that level, making a very tight security net around the country.

Quite obviously then, all these people are supposed to play their part to ensure that the people of Uganda live in peace and harmony, and carry on their economic activities without fear of being attacked by indignant fellows aimed at causing instability.

That said however, the bigger point is that those responsible for the attacks must be positively identified basing on actionable intelligence, that is without emotional and sentimental feelings, so that innocent people do not get caught up in the saga as was the case in Luwero Triangle where thousands of innocent civilians died on mere suspicion of ‘supporting’ either the rebels or the government troops.

So, as the country tries to come to grips with the current situation, it is incumbent upon the security agencies and all of us as Ugandans to ensure that the country is stable and focused on development, devoid of instigated witchhunt.