DP President Norbert Mao

Opposition Democratic Party (DP) has threatened to sue the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party of promoting disunity in the country through propaganda.

Party president Norbert Mao said that his party has landed on a lucrative transaction by the NRM government to aid propaganda.

According to Mr Mao, the scheme is spearheaded by a one Erias Kwerohoza of Twerwaneko Group, who led the printing of three million copies of compact discs entitled ‘The journey of Uganda’.

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He said that these discs demonize the opposition by reminding Ugandans of the atrocities of the past regimes including rape, roadblocks, abuse of courts of law, abolishing of the kingdoms and the Kabakaship and torture by soldiers, among others.

“We are stunned by the Government’s diversion from investing in social services to propaganda,” said Mr Mao adding: “The NRM is sowing seeds of disunity instead of healing wounds and Museveni at the same time works with the families of the people he is demonizing.”

Mr Mao said that this discs are being distributed to media houses and to all public places.

He added that DP is going to petition the Uganda Communications Commission to stop the broadcast of the videos forthwith; to engage religious leaders to condemn the act and to sue the government.



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