Al-Shabab has been intensifying attacks in Kenya

KAMPALA: Ugandan soldiers in Somalia have killed another senior Al-shabaab commander in South Western town of Leego, where he was moving with his four escorts who were also killed.

Adana Bare was killed on Saturday night by the UPDF soldiers under the command of Col Peter Omala under Sector one.

On Friday, a combined airpower by American soldiers and UPDF ground troops killed Hassan Ali Dhoore, the commander of al shabaab in Janaale.

The al shabaab tried to ambush Ugandan troops but were overpowered American drones attacked the insurgents during the battle and killed the overall Dhoore.

Janaale is where Ugandan soldiers were attacked and 19 died. Six were captured by the insurgents and have been seen.

“This group of terrorists attempted to ambush and disrupt UPDF patrol operations but was unsuccessful,” UPDF statement says.

“Removing Dhoore from the battlefield would be a significant blow to al-Shabaab’s operational planning and ability to conduct attacks against the government of the Federal Republic of Somalia, its citizens, US partners in the region and against Americans abroad,” said Peter Cook, the Pentagon press secretary.