DP William Ruto, ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda and radio journalist Joshua Sang. Photo Credit brostalk

Leaders from the Rift Valley, led by Kuresoi MP Moses Cheboi, have asked the Kalenjin community to hold prayer and fasting sessions for Deputy President William Ruto, who is facing crimes against humanity charges at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague, Netherlands.

Ruto and radio journalist Joshua Sang are at the ICC and today the judges will determine whether the duo have a case to answer, prompting the fasting and prayers by their Kalenjin kinsmen.

“It’s time to tie belts around our stomachs and sacrifice our meals, drinks and all kinds of pleasures and fast so that our Deputy president William Ruto can overcome this ICC thorn”, says 40-year-old Martine Kogo who is fasting at a holy shrine.

He added: “I decided to visit this shrine here and do my fast because this place is more convenient. It’s quiet and a place dedicated to prayers. I am taking part in the three-day fast, missing breakfast, lunch and dinner but only drinking water.”

For Kogo, it is not the first time he is fasting for leadership. “I have always prayed and fasted for my leaders and my country. However, this is a special one, and we are trusting God that our prayers will not be in vain for the DP.”


At the same venue but in a different room, is another team of eight people from the Kalenjin community who are taking part in the three-day fasting call.

According to Moses, the team leader, “the Bible says that some mountains in life and forces of darkness can only be overcome by prayer and fasting and not just ordinary prayers. So as we take part in this session, we know that God won’t disappoint us. We know that our sons will be set free from The Hague trials.”

“We have come here to pray for Deputy President William Ruto because we are instructed in the Bible by the apostle Paul to always pray for our leaders. Leaders are appointed by God, and the deputy president is not exceptional, so I know all is well. I know that as we pray, God is working out something good for our son.”


They seem optimistic that through the prayer and fasting sessions they are holding, the case against the deputy president and Joshua Sang will be terminated.


Julius Kosgei is also a member of the fasting team. He says his prayers are neutral. “I saw what happened during the post-election violence. Yes, I love my deputy president, and I wish him all the best in his case in The Hague. Above all, I know only God’s will shall prevail in this case. So in my prayer and fasting, I am only asking God to intervene in the ICC cases and let his will prevail so that justice can be given where it is deserved.”

Another member of the team is Mercy Cherono, who has closed her restaurant business to fast.

“I own a restaurant in the centre here, but I decided to close down my business so that I can show solidarity with my community and our sons by praying and fasting for them. I know they are clean and innocent. Trust me, with God, nothing is impossible and after this fast the cases are going nowhere,” Me Cherono said.