Every chance you get to see something new, do it. Whenever you embark on an adventure you will always learn something new and there is nothing more amazing than gaining some new information about something you did not know.
Traveling is the ultimate adventure experience that everyone has to go through at least at some point in their life. This experience comes with several sacrifices that you need to know before hand.
The first thing you need to put aside is picturing yourself being a millionaire off traveling, unless of course you are already wealthy and just jumping into the jet to the next location without thinking about it.
Traveling doesn’t involve saving, an avid traveler will not be on one place for long because the moment they get a certain amount in the bank it will be relegated to a travel plan they set up months before the money arrives.
At the same time, you do not need to have billions to travel, just good planning and budget skills.
Not every traveler starts out with some endorsement and sponsorship travel packages from hotels or other tourism related companies that will cater for most of your travel expenses. This means you have to live on a budget and switch expensive hotels with hostels, minimal cost hotels and backpackers or switch to using cheaper road means such as buses.
Once you make up your mind about traveling the globe; jumping from nation to nation, meaningful long term relationships with people other than family become harder to maintain. Traveling strains any relationship if the people in your life are not as understanding as they should be about you chasing your dreams around the world. It makes it hard to communicate daily with people and relationships grow due to communication. So once you make up your mind about traveling, there are few relationships or more that you will lose along the way, even if you will make many others along your journeys.
A career needs a lot of dedication and time so the moment you decided to be a frequent traveler you will not be able to maintain a career that easily. The job you have will have to be given away since no one can have that many leave days in a year to traverse the globe, they are never enough. Unless traveling is a career, or your fulltime job involves you being on the move and discovering new things, it is not going to be easy building a career.
The comfort of home will become a delightful memory that fills you with nostalgia and missing home when you are always on the move. You will miss your own bed, your family, the way it feels like to be there and even the annoying neighbor and late night howling dogs. This is a heavy sacrifice that can sometimes make you leave the road and head back straight to that warm comfortable environment.
Health and Safety
Every destination you travel to is different from the previous one, not all places will be as safe and good as the other yet they are all part of the journey to discover new things and learn a lot more than you do. Once you get on the long lonely road, you will discover that your health is the most volatile thing; especially if you are traveling to the tropics from Europe, your body will not be as welcoming to the change in weather as you are. So you need to plan and carry safety kits for emergencies.
Relying on Others
Traveling teaches you something that is not easy to instill in a human being, independence. No matter what you do, you always find a way to depend on others around you for everything. However, when you travel you learn to do everything for yourself.  You also learn how to relate to people in other countries while learning their languages.
There are several more other sacrifices you can make due to traveling, but it is more important to make the most of your travels and enjoy every moment of it.
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