City tycoon Hamis Kiggundu has rubbished media rumors that he was selling his house as banks attach his property over debts.

It had been reported that one of the properties on sale is his flashy palatial residence. The house- located on the shores of Lake Victoria- is on sale for $5 million dollars but he has only  received a maximum of $1.5 million offer.

Kiggundu on Thursday fired back at the tabloids  using his Facebook account  and said: “It’s real heart breaking how Ugandans real luv to see others go down please am not selling my house and financially am very very ok .lets clear our hearts and just invest our time in hard work to change our lives and build our nation .insha Allah Uganda will develop may not be the most hardworking Ugandan but with Allah’s blessings anything is possible for I am really blessed thank u God’.”

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The young businessman owns several businesses which include Ham Shopping Grounds, a state of the art building. He also owns Ham Towers in Makerere. Ham is so much involved in real estate and a string of auxiliary businesses.