Atuhirwe Carol has an operation for her lungs scheduled very soon

Ms Carol Atuhirwe, a Uganda Christian University student suffering from throat and lung cancer will be flown to nearby Kenya for further treatment after efforts to be treated in the United States got frustrated.

According to Mr Muhereza Kyamutetera, the coordinator of the ‘SaveCarol Campaign’ which raised the required Shs.270million for her treatment at the University of Cleveland Hospital in the US, on Uganda Cancer Institutes’ recommendation, Ms Atuhirwe will seek more advanced treatment the Aga Khan Hospital, Nairobi.

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This was reached on after extensive reviews by both Uganda Cancer Institute and the same visiting medical team from the US led by Dr. Chad Zender, the family was told that due to the delicate situation that Carol’s health had gone into, she would be unable to safely fly to the US.

“Following the new communication, the family has been engaging the health ministry (Uganda Cancer Institute) for other alternatives and following another meeting today May 10th- it has been agreed that Carol’s case be referred to Aga Khan Hospital, Nairobi for further attention,” Mr Muhereza said.

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Despite Nairobi being next door, it should be noted that Carol will have to wait much longer with the Ministry of Health allegedly playing the same tricks of “delaying” Carol’s travel documents like was the case last week.

“The family is still waiting for the referral papers and once ready, Carol should be flown to Nairobi for further attention,” Mr Muhereza reveals.

Another delay will threw the Ministry of Health under more negative light.