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Uganda Election: Besigye presents evidence, claiming it was rigged

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Four-time Forum for Democratic Change presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye is insisting that the February 18 Uganda general  elections were rigged, tendering convincing statistical evidence that show substantial election fraud occurred and changed the outcome.

Via his twitter handle @kizzabesigye1, Mr Besigye gave a breakdown of how the elections were rigged in favour of the NRM candidate, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

FDC asserts that their candidate, Dr Besigye who they claim won the elections by 52 per cent, will be sworn in on May 12 as president.



Explaining the process Mr Besigye alleged was used in rigging the election, he said: “Statistics is independent of opinions, beliefs or political alliances and four separate tests showed evidence of fraud. When humans make up ‘random’ numbers like entering false tallies, patterns emerge. People tend to choose numbers with higher digits and you can credit all that to Benfords Law, a phenomenological law about the frequency distribution of leading digits in many (but not all) real-life sets of numerical data.”

“Applied to Ugandan data, three million votes are in question which are enough to change election outcome as evidenced.

“These tests, together with other evidence like intimidation, teargas, violence, national ID registry – cast serious doubt on the election.



He further disclosed that Ugandans live under dictatorship where judges and courts of law serve at will of the state.

“In 2001 and 2006 election petitions, Supreme Court judges publically acknowledged extensive fraud but did not nullify the polls,” Besigye said.

The Court of Appeal recently blocked the FDC party or any of its agents against organising any procession or carrying on with the defiance campaign pending determination of a Constitutional case filed by Government.

“It was on the basis of that that we call for internationally observed, independent audit of 2016 Uganda general election similar to those in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Haiti because If Mr Museveni legitimately and irrefutably won this election then why would he not support an audit?



Dr Besigye is under house arrest while numerous opposition leaders were on Monday arrested as security forces increased a crackdown on political dissent ahead of Mr Museveni’s swearing-in scheduled for tomorrow.

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