MP, Muhammad Nsereko during the interview. He has stuck to his earlier decision to stand for Deputy Speaker of the 10th parliament despite pressure from the president for him to stand down
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Tenth parliament Deputy Speaker aspirant and Kampala Central MP Muhammad Nsereko took to television in an interview and compared himself to Jesus Christ after he was thrown out of a State House meeting on Sunday.

in apparent reference to biblical teachings, Nsereko told NTV after yesterday’s meeting of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Parliamentary Caucus outside State House Entebbe that: “Jesus was also castigated by Rome and Mohammed was persecuted and sent away from Mecca. History will absolve all of us.”

MP Nsereko was reacting to his kicking out of the Entebbe meeting after he rejected demands to drop his bid to challenge incumbent Jacob Oulanyah for position of Deputy Speaker.

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The meeting had been convened to iron out final procedures for ensuring the election of Oulanyah, but Nsereko’s refusal to withdraw from the race was a major sticking point.

And the legislator maintained he is unbothered by his ‘unfair handling’ and that President Museveni should not interfere with Parliamentary affairs or dictate a deputy speaker for Ugandans.

“I respectfully disagreed with Mr. Museveni. The nature and conduct with which am being handled is not the issue, the issue is the truth; them telling me to leave,” he charged.

“My fellow MPs have called me many times and stood with me so I am very willing to stand against their (NRM) tide. In any case am independent so I am not under any obligation to bend to the whims of the NRM,” he added.

Asked about the NRM establishment and the party leader President Museveni supporting his opponent, Mr. Nsereko insisted he was not bothered.

“That man (Jacob Oulanyah) alone is not strong and can’t appeal to his voters so he needs Museveni to help him. The choice is his because I can’t demand that he chooses me over his favoured candidate Oulanyah,” Nsereko said.

He added that the fact that the president, and the NRM had gone to such great lengths to get him to withdraw from the race was a sign of the strength he wields as a contender.