You will always end up using a hotel on some of your travels or any other lodging arrangements and this means that even if you have paid for your stay, you have to learn some of the proper and necessary etiquette.

Hotels always try their best to give us good service; here are some vital and simple ones to help you do your part.

Be Polite To The Staff

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Just because you are paying to stay at the hotel does not mean that you have to be rude and bossy to the staff there; they are people too and are trying their best to do their job. Don’t shout at them in situations when you are displeased with their service, be calm and always be polite.

Tip The Staff

It is important to carry loose notes that you can use to tip the valet, housekeeper, waitress, doorman and concierge for their good job done. It’s not a written rule that you have to do it, but it is a good thing to do.

Call Ahead

Before arrival, call ahead to confirm the booking and be patient upon reaching the front desk, if they are working on other guests who were checking in before you came. Smile at them while asking them questions even if you are tired from your journey from the airport.

Keep An Eye On Your Children

Children are such adorable little angels, but they can be handful especially when they go to a new place and find it very interesting to explore. You do not want to be the parent with the unruly kids shouting and screaming through the hotel hallway for the other guests. It can be uncomfortable for them so you have to find some activities that can keep the children busy but not too noisy.

Be Clean

Being clean is good for you, keep the trash off the room floor, flush the toilets after using them and do not leave hair in the sink for the housekeeping staff to collect. Put the dirty linen and clothes in one part of the room for them to find and keep things off the bed so that the housekeeper can easily make your bed.

Room Service

When done with room service, put your room service tray out of the room so that the staff can pick it up easily.

Guest Numbers

Why hide the number of people that will be staying in the room you are paying for? Opt for a hotel you can afford so that you do not “miscalculate” the number of people that will be stated when making your payment;  it is very unfair to the hotel.

Don’t Hoard The Food

Some hotels provide food in plenty especially the buffet and this can bring out some very unsavory characters in many guests, resist the urge to hoard all the chicken or pastries just because they are in plenty. Leave some for the rest of the guests.


While it is ok to carry certain things from the hotel such as soap and shampoo, do not take the towels, linen or bathrobes. The latter are reusable so that means the hotel can wash them and provide them to other guests who will use the hotel soon after you leave.


When not in the room, make sure to switch off the lights and air conditioning. Do not leave the TV on either to save energy. If you do not want the housekeepers to wash your towels and robes, you can reuse them too.

Now go on and be a good hotel guest.

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