FAMILY IN TROUBLE! Grace Mugabe with her husband Robert Mugabe.

Zimbabwean First Lady Grace Mugabe failed to return home last week and instead President Robert Mugabe followed her to Singapore where she has been holed for over a month.

In early May Grace, who is 40 years younger that the 92-year old Mr Mugabe, slapped her husband in public, leaving his aides agape and shell-shocked. This raised public speculation that the fiery First Lady had left the country after the embarrassing public spat.

But on a visit to Gutu on May 13, Mugabe told his relatives that Grace would be back home early last week after taking care of his daughter Bona, who gave birth last month.“Doctors said he [Bona’s son] can only fly after a month so they should be here this month,” Mugabe told members of the Gutu clan, his maternal uncles.

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Information ministry’s principal director Regis Chikowore refused to comment on Mugabe’s trip, referring questions to his spokesperson George Charamba. However, Charamba was not reachable on his mobile phone.

Local media said Mugabe, who has blown millions of dollars travelling around Africa and overseas this year, had gone on a private visit. Mugabe.

On Friday he was in South Africa and spent a few hours back home before leaving for Singapore.

Singapore has been his favourite destination amid speculation that he is receiving medical treatment there.


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