Youths from the ruling ZANU-PF party hold portraits of President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace during the 'One Million Man March'. PHOTO CREDIT/

President Robert Mugabe has thanked Zanu PF youths for what he claimed was a ‘resoundingly successful’ march organised in his honour, adding that party members must shun divisions.

Mugabe was the last to speak after youth leaders, his wife Grace and the two vice presidents, Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko during the Africa Day one million men march in Harare.

The veteran leader urged the youths not to be “confused by confusionists” who are bent on dividing the party into factions for personal power.

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He condemned what he termed ‘little groups meant to promote so and so’ and urged the war veterans to desist from organising themselves from outside Zanu PF, saying they should air their grievances from within the ruling party. Those ‘little groups’, Mugabe said, are ‘treasonous’.

“We want you inside the party with your grievances and criticisms. Differences should be solved from within the party,” said Mugabe before calling for “unity, unity, unity and unity.”

Mugabe attacked party members who give stories to independent newspapers about other fellow Zanu PF members, saying by so doing they were ‘giving life’ to ‘little papers’. He condemned ‘gossip and rumour mongering’.

And in what seems to be currently resonating in Africa, the Zimbabwe strongman also found time to take pot shots at the opposition and the western nations saying they should forget about persuading him to resign. He said the MDC had no agenda apart from calling on him to go.

“Why do they want Mugabe to go? Is it because they feel pity for me or they are scared of Mugabe? I am sure they are scared of Mugabe,” he said.
He added: “Where do you want me to go? I am not a Briton. I am not a Yankee. I am a Zimbabwean. That’s why I told Blair to keep his England while I keep my Zimbabwe.”

“To all those who say I should go I say go and hang; go and hang yourself.”

Mugabe also thanked God for “a glorious day” claiming that no one was forced to attend the march. “One thing I insisted on during the preparation for this day was that there should be no violence,” said Mugabe.

Thousands of people attended the event and, according to reports, many people, including students, were forced to attend from all over the country.


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