A man who was convinced that he would become rich by sacrificing a close relative has been apprehended by Uganda Police and ended up disappointed.

Herbert Were, a 21-year-old student of Lumino high school in Busia district, was arrested on Wednesday in Kajjansi on suspicion of beheading his brother after promising him that he would be recruited by the Illuminati. In a fit of confusion he was looking for the person who had promised to have him recruited in order to get wealth according to NTV.

Just days earlier, Were had taken his six-year old brother, Joel Ogema from his parents’ home in Busia and took him to Bugiri where he cut off his head. He has been charged with murder under file vide DEF03/20/2016 of Kabalagala police station. Were admitted the offence.

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One of the messages on Were’s phone said the meeting was to be held at a club in Kansanga.

“We got information that there was somebody who was carrying a fresh human head in a bag. We immediately responded and got the person with a human head and arrested him,” Patrick Onyango the PRO of Kampala Metropolitan Police said.

“On interrogation he confessed to us (Police) that there was a businessman in Kampala whom they got connected with through social messaging app Whatsapp and his contact called Jefu that is yet to be identified had convinced Mr. Were that they will help him join the Illuminati group and would become rich.  Among the requirements was that he was supposed to produce a human head of a close relative. This person killed his young brother and traveled to the city to meet his contact and it is then when we arrested him,” Mr. Onyango explained.

The suspect will first be taken for mental checkup before being produced in court and Police has already mounted a hunt for his contact Jefu to be charged together with the suspect according Benon Ayebare the Kampala Metropolitan South CIID commander

 One of the messages on Were's phone said the meeting was to be held at a club in Kansanga.

One of the messages on Were’s phone said the meeting was to be held at a club in Kansanga.

Rumour has it, music promoter Jeff Kiwa who owns the nightclub De Javu mentioned in Were’s text messages is also under investigations has obviously denied being part of the child sacrifice.

Mr. Kiwa was last year accused by family members of deceased musician Emmanuel Mayanja commonly known as AK 47 and managed by the promoter’s Team No Sleep who fell and died mysteriously at the same nightclub. His death was linked to human sacrifice.

Herbert Were’s confession at Kabalagala Police Station

I met a man calling himself Jeffu Kiwa on facebook. We continued sharing and one day I asked him how I can also become rich because our family is very poor. He told me that he can help me join illuminati cult where I could get riches and I accepted because I wanted to save our family from stinking poverty

As we continued chatting on phone and on Facebook, Jeffu one day told me to send him Shs. 40000/- such that he can help me register with Illuminati, he also asked me Shs.30,000/- as request fee such that I can request Illuminati everything I want from them and I sent him the money through his mobile money,”

I informed him that I badly needed wealth and I wanted to buy expensive cars like my favorite Audi.

They sent me a message that to get rich I should to them a head of a goat. I did not understand what they meant but they also explained to me that when they mean goat’s head they mean a head of a child who is my family member or closely related relative. They also assured me that I would soon understand their language because sometimes I would not understand what they told me”

 I thought about it for two weeks until I decided to take my young brother such that my family would get money,”

 I felt bad when I saw my brother pleading with me not to kill him but I had to fulfill my mission. I cut off the head and wrapped it in the polythene bag and put in my bag while the other parts I dumped it into the trench.

I slept in the forest and left early Tuesday morning for Kampala to meet Jeff who had promised me riches.”