NRM's Secretary General, Justine Lumumba at a past party event.

The ruling party National Resistance Movement (NRM) didn’t building grassroots structures by sidelining women and minority groups… which could explain why they won the February 2016 national elections.

This revelation comes in the aftermath of a bitter row between party NRM Secretary General, Kasule Lumumba and her Deputy Richard Todwong. The two are currently engrossed in a bitter feud over who should be sent to Chinese capital Beijing for a capacity-building workshop.

The China Communists Party wrote to NRM secretariat on May 18 to nominate 20 young leaders for the workshop.

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NRM Deputy Secretary General, Richard Todwong drew the list of those who will attend the Youth Conference due on the June 3-13, 2016 in Beijing, wholly sponsored and financed by the Chinese government.

The man who burst the bubble for being sidelined from the travelling list, Robert Rutaro is said to have bad blood with Ms Lumumba.

After elections, it is believed Rutaro led a crusade that saw NRM Secretariat staff petition the party chairman President Yoweri Museveni to get rid of Lumumba.

The secretariat staff sought Ms. Lumumba’s impeachment after missing salaries for months, among other grievances like asking for Tadwong to replace her.

And communications guru Rogers Mulindwa made a move to subdue the negative publicity and protect the “NRM’ brand.

Mulindwa always the savvy Mouthpiece, who is the ruling party’s communications officer took to social media to unless a lanced statement.

He said:” I have noted of a statement reportedly authored by Mr. Rutaro Robert circulating on the social media alleging several accusations against Secretary General of NRM in connection with the capacity building trip to Beijing, China scheduled for next month.

“I therefore wish to clarify that it is true that the Secretary General has taken an administrative decision to withdraw Robert Rutaro’s name from the travelling list and replaced him with Ms. Faridah Kibowa from the women’s desk at the secretariat. This is partly to increase on the gender representation and cater for the Islamic faith as well.

“Hon. Medie Mulumba, currently working with the Human Rights Commission is no longer a member of the NRM secretariat and is therefore not anywhere on the list as alleged by Rutaro in the statements being circulated.

“In her wise decision, the SG found it out of order for the 20-man delegation to be led by a Secretariat staff when a member of CEC Mr. Gadaffi Nassur was on board. She therefore reversed that decision to give it a befitting protocol line.” She said.

Adding “The Secretary General is mandated by the NRM party constitution in her capacity as the most top leader in the secretariat to intervene in any activity involving her staff.

“I therefore request that the Rutaro allegations be ignored since they are only intended to create unnecessary divisions within the secretariat”




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