TV PRODUCER: Junior Dave Kazoora aka JK

Authorities in neighboring Rwanda are contemplating asking their Ugandan colleagues to cage local TV personality David Kazoora for a year and also to pay damages amounting to Rwf15 million (over Shs.63m) after he lost a fraud case in Kigali.

We’re told the celebrated emcee and former television presenter, popularly known as Junior Kazoora, was convicted by the Nyarugunga Primary Court of using fraudulent means to shortchange his business partners, a decision he appealed.

As we reported, in 2014, the prosecution dragged Kazoora to court, accusing him of deviating an advertising tender from Buddies Production (R) Ltd, in which he was a 50 per cent shareholder, to a new company he named ‘Buddies TV Ltd.’

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EagleOnline understands the Nyarugunga Judge will liaise with Uganda’s judiciary on how to execute Kazoora’s sentence while court bailiffs will seek ways of recovering the Shs.63m fine.

Considering Kazoora the convict is not a Rwandan national and has no known assets in that country, their bailiffs would have to work with the convict’s country of residence (Uganda).

“It is more like to call another country’s judicial jurisdiction to validate a sentence that was issued against their citizen outside its border, so that justice can be served,” he said, adding that in that case, the requested country have rights to cross-check facts before enforcing the sentence,” spokesperson of the courts Emmanuel Itamwa.

On the other hand, Itamwa explained, before enforcing the sentence, Uganda has to assess whether the decision handed falls in line with Uganda’s legal regime.

Normally, Solomon Muyita the Uganda Judiciary mouthpiece would have given this website a comment to the effect but efforts to reach him were futile by press time.

Sources connected with the claimants Davis and Nina Kagenza at Kazoora’s sympathy has about three months as stipulated in the verdict before authorities pounce on him.

Kazoora claims he didn’t defraud the couple.