John Imanirahuga

All isn’t well in security circles as information starts trickling in that some top security officers both in intelligence and the police have been conniving with the Fuelex Uganda boss to smuggle fuel into the country.

Sources said Mr John Imaniraguha, the city businessman on a wanted list by Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) for dealing in smuggled fuel, was arrested on Sunday, June 5, 2016 at Entebbe Airport, sending panic waves among those suspected of connivance.

Security suspects the fuel mogul, who URA announced last week in a public statement, was fleeing the country with the aid of top security chiefs.

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“It is true, when we appealed to security authorities to help us apprehend him, we got bad reception. But what we observed was that there was connivance between the suspect and some highly placed people in police” said a source who didn’t want to be named for lack authority to speak to the media.

A story is told how, Mr Imaniraguha had built a network with some in security and police that had aided him elude arrest.

EagleOnline has been informed that whereas URA placed the public announcement, Imaniraguha was being guarded by some of these operatives which made it hard for him to be arrested.

So, on realizing that the effort was futile, the URA started a social media campaign, prompting those protecting Imaniraguha to arrange for his escape but instead the Special Forces intercepted and arrested him.

Imaniraguha’s arrest at the airport at midday in the company of his family members came two days after the businessman was arrested by URA enforcement officers and jailed at Jinja Road Police Station but he disappeared from the cells under mysterious circumstances.

Ms Sarah Banage, the Assistant Commissioner Public and Corporate Affairs at URA, told journalists that Imaniraguha’s acts of smuggling fuel and selling it at a lower market price, had distorted the fuel

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