Who said traveling has to be very drab and boring? That you cannot put your best foot (boot) forward as you discover new things around the world. As Coco Chanel said “Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway!”

Weather Factor: It is very important to checkout the weather in your destination country before you pack your bags and go there, this helps you easily plan your wardrobe for the rest of your journey. You will not have to shop for different outfits when you reach your destination and you packed for the wrong weather.

Packing: After getting done with the weather, of course you head straight to the packing, the moment you know what you need especially if you are going to a sunny place. Everything you carry has to be summer appropriate. Start with packing very light clothing such as cotton, chiffon and some denim just incase you get to areas where you do not have to show so much skin.

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Makeup Kit and Skin Exfoliators: Going on vacation does not mean you leave everything to go wild, you have to keep that face still radiant; pack the right makeup for your destination at least just enough to outline all that beauty and still keep you looking fresh. Make sure you have a good exfoliator and shaving kit that is good for your skin type that will make showing off those legs even more fun. Do not forget wipes; they are very essential for hot days and makeup removal, stay fresh.

Shoes and More Shoes: All the pretty shoes you have that make you feel like Cinderella heading for a ball should be packed for vacation, after all a vacation is supposed to bring you back that feel-good element. Make sure you pack for the right weather with the right footwear, feel good and enjoy that holiday with your best foot forward.

Strenuous Activity: You have to go sightseeing when on vacation, no one stays cooped up in the hotel just watching TV and ordering room service; you jump into it, take life by the plums and see what you never expected to see. So why shouldn’t you look your very best as you go mountain climbing or take on that long jungle trail; pick up those beautiful shorts, leggings and pretty sneakers and walk into it with as much positivity as you can. Keep away from wearing dresses or skirts for such activities since they get in the way.

Sunscreen Glasses and Hats: Did you know that regular sunscreen was not made for your face? It clogs up the pores, so be sure to get one that is specifically made for your face such as the En Garde from Votre Vu (choose one for your skin type and color). The biggest essential of all are sunglasses. Sunny places need pretty bright colored aviator glasses and a huge beautiful floppy hat to frame your face in the heat.

Travel Bags: When packing for your journey, avoid bulky luggage because it makes it hard for transition if you are traveling alone; try as much as you can to fit everything you need in two bags and keep the toiletries in your hand luggage for emergencies. Even better, you can tag your bags with cute bright unique luggage tags that can help you easily identify your belongings.

Vacation Shopping: Considering you might have to shop every once in awhile when at your destination, plan for how much you have to set aside for that wee shopping you might end up indulging into. Do not go to the chain stores, pass by the flea markets because they have unique things you might love and put your bargaining skills on display but limit yourself to a certain budget; just incase you see too many pieces that might leave you breathless.

Evelyn Masaba is Public Relations Manager at Jovago.com Uganda an online hotel booking service with offices in Kampala (Uganda) Lagos (Nigeria), Nairobi (Kenya) and Dakar (Senegal)