Youthful political activist Harold Kaija is a man you certainly trust to get you all the news from Gen Mugisha Muntu camp, information on who is snitching who in Forum for Democratic Change and tips on how to get photographed alongside Dr. Kizza Besigye for cheap.

And Kaija also the FDC Deputy Secretary General is pretty reliable on the Luzira Prison blabbermouth too apparently. The business whizz has via social media set out a refreshingly reasonable guide on the thoughts and hope of jailed FDC kingpin and former presidential president Dr. Besigye, like ‘challenging the dictatorship’ and thanking his two sisters.

But even so, Kaija did not mention anything about Dr. Besigye’s reaction to State wanting him to be transferred from Luzira prison to Kabale court to answer charges of inciting violence and malicious damage.

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Greetings from our President Dr. Wrn Kizza-Besigye, he is very strong and can still afford to strong smile.

Buwembo Habib asked him why he can keep strong in this distressing situation; he said

“When I set out to challenge the dictatorship, I knew that I will have two homes. One that I built myself and prison”

He implores his supporters to keep firm, focussed and above get organized.

This struggle is about us.

I want to thank all those Activists who climbed the Luzira Hill to visit our Leader.

I also thank his two sisters Dr. Olive Kobusingye and Margaret for keeping besides him. You make him strong.

Let’s keep strong.

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