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Arrested UPDF colonel accused of coup plotting, linked to Besigye

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The Air Force officer who was captured by a joint arresting team of Special Forces and police from his home in Entebbe has been linked to opposition leader Kizza Besigye currently detained in Luzira prisons.

Colonel Dan Opit Odwee, the Air force garrison Commander was arrested and tied Kandoya (tying one’s hands on the back).  His pips, beret were removed and bundled into a van, a security source said.

He is now in detention at Makindye military barracks for getting involved in subversive activities. The army spokesperson Lt. Col. Paddy Ankunda said investigations are going.

The officer who is known to be fearless and combative has previously clashed with Maj. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba over allegations that he was harassing Special Forces living in Katabi barracks shared by both air force and Special forces.

It’s not clear how the detained officer was subversive but the Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura who is said to be working with Maj. Gen. Muhoozi to carry out the arrests have been ongoing in different army units said he was working with Nakawa Member of Parliament, Michael Kabaziguruka who was also arrested for subversion.

Colonel Odwee is among the 30 soldiers already arrested by Special Forces and police in different army units. Last week the arms officer one Capt. Ojara who was responsible for armory in Bombo was arrested.


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  1. Now, this is what we call Phobia, think this Government is already running away from the truth, implicating whoever Questions their mighty Grip over the Reigns power in this Country.
    The faint hearted should run into exile while all those who are ready to sacrifice everything for the good of this Country and the Future Generations,should Brace ourselves for the Worst, compared to all what we went through in all past Regimes.
    However, Arrests are counter productive, creating more Agitation for Regime Change others than the Intended Silencing of Voices and Calls for Change.
    Unfortunately M7 and his Lieutenants have failed to take Lessons from the Past, currently they are doing exactly what Forced them to Rebel against Formers Governments, the Current situation is Remincent of how, why and When Ugandans Especially Baganda Supported Regime Change, Oppression, Human Rights Abuse and Suppression of Freedoms.

  2. Zenji,please dont comment on things you dont know. This Colonel is fearless and combative…he comes from Oyam – Loro and harrases locals with his soilders. He moves with a truck load of soilders and is above the law. It has takesn this government time to get to this man…infact as i speak there are celebrations in many villages in Oyam because this man was arrested
    I wonder where he got all his guns and soilders ???

      • Being linked to besige is irrevelant. Besigye’s case is mainly political,worse still he served as a minister in Museveni’s government and should also be responsible for bringing this government to power with his wife
        Read somewhere this Odwee character was causing havoc to special forces personel also situated at entebbe airforce base and was even clashing with Gen Muhozi
        This guy deserves jail…


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