FDC Woman leader Ingrid Turinawe behind bars recently. Photo by Isaac Kasamani/Monitor

Ingrid Turinawe who was arrested earlier today and briefly detained at Jinja road Police station has since been transferred to Kira Police Station according to authorities.

This was confirmed by the Kampala Metropolitan South Commander Hajji Siraje Bakireke though he did not reveal which charges were to be levied against the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Iron Lady.

Dressed in an FDC defiant T-shirt, the FDC secretary for mobilization was whisked away by police after leading a procession (group of people orderly matching) into the court.

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This  all happened during a court session in which former FDC presidential flag bearer Dr. Kizza Besigye appeared briefly in court on Wednesday and the case was adjourned to 29 June.

The prosecution asked for the case to be held in prison, citing security concerns but the judge ruled that Dr Besigye should be tried in court for treason – and not at the maximum security prison where he is being held.

Kizza Besigye

He was arrested last month and charged with treason for arranging a mock ceremony to inaugurate himself as president.

He rejected President Yoweri Museveni’s fifth-term win in the February poll as fraudulent.


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