Axed junior ICT Minister Nyombi Thembo has been coy about why he applied to head the Rural Communication Development Fund at the Uganda Communications Commission … but on Monday he involuntarily revealed to every Ugandan’s worst fee .. he had a family to feed.

That said, Nyombi whose wife Prisca Mashengyero died in 2012 in an accident at Bwebajja on Entebbe Road, also said that he had become a street boy after the people of Kassanda and President Museveni had put on the street.

“I was dropped by my constituency and the President himself yet I still have a family to feed and I can’t do that when I don’t have a job,” Nyombi told CBS FM. Now I am a private person and I am free to apply where I see a job.”

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When asked if being an ex-boss to the UCC hierarchy would not cause conflict of interest in his quest to get the job, Thembo replied, “Ugandans are not used to educated ministers and I tell you, UCC is very independent, using a highly-qualified consultancy to carry out the recruitment and I cannot not Influence its decisions.”

Our in-house political expert though insists Nyombi is a far cry from the typical Ugandan politician who views politics as a do-or-die affair because of the lucrative ministerial posts and Parliamentary seats involved. Actually Ugandans were thrilled when  graciously conceded defeat to former Police spokesman Simeo Nsubuga in the NRM primaries for Kassanda South in Mubende District. To add to that, he wrote a nice article in the media stating that there is life after politics.

It unclear whether Nyombi will get the job using his vast qualifications including a diploma in project planning and management from Bradford University (UK) or his credentials of being a good NRM cadre.

We’ve reached out to the UCC camp … so far no word back.

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