This upcoming weekend, Uganda Waragi in partnership with Roundbob will be sponsoring a unique cocktail event known as ‘Cocktails in the Wild’.

This experience is targeted at encouraging Ugandans to venture out and explore their country in bid to grow the tourism industry in Uganda.

Roundbob, an online tour and travel company, has organized the two-day venture dubbed ‘Cocktails in the Wild’ where participants will enjoy a road trip to Lake Mburo National Park, wildlife and a Uganda Waragi sponsored overnight cocktail party.

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“This trip is about giving Ugandans an unforgettable party experience. There could be no better venture than this partnership for Uganda Waragi which has for the last 50 years embraced the passion for celebrating the spirit of Uganda. UG is famously known as The Spirit of Uganda that has over the years taken a leading role in bringing people together. We are doing it yet again!” said Rhona Namanya, the Uganda Waragi Brand Manager.

According to David Gonahasa, the Managing Director of Roundbob, this trip has been organized to encourage the ordinary Ugandan to go out, explore and appreciate Uganda. “We want Ugandans to go and see Uganda, and to appreciate the beauty that lies in our backyard before venturing out to outside countries to appreciate their beauty there. Even charity begins at home.” He added that this experience will be different from the familiar bar partying that Ugandans are accustomed to today.


Participants in the experience will get a chance to wild game like Zebras, Impala, Elands, Warthogs, Buffalos, Hippos in Lake Mburo National Park all with a cocktail in hand.

Gonahasa had this to say about partnering with Uganda Waragi on this experience, “We are excited to be partnering with Uganda Waragi on this trip as a true testament to the great Ugandan Brand it is. We would encourage other Ugandan brands to take part in such initiatives that seek to redefine the Ugandan story.”


Uganda Waragi, with the UG Mixology Initiative recently innovated ’50 ways to drink you UG’ that offers consumers the best chance of enjoying The Spirit of Uganda. UG’s signature cocktails, Kololo Sunset and Muyenga Sunrise together with UG’s newest flavors, coconut and coffee will make ‘Cocktails in the Wild’ even more exciting.

“UBL is committed to delivering the ultimate drinking experience to the consumers who enjoy our spirits. Taking the cocktail experience out of the ordinary bar setting to the wild is the ultimate Uganda Waragi adventure. We encourage all our customers to become part of this wild adventure,” Namanya remarked, adding “However, we continue to remind our consumers to practice responsible enjoyment of our beverages.”

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